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GSS Group is a leading manufacturer, distributor and importer of specially developed electronics and accessories for the African security and automation industry, as well as the emerging market for alternative energy, IoT and other smart systems.

Our solutions are uniquely sourced and developed for local operating environments, weather conditions, power grid challenges and focusses on installers’ requirements for faster and easier installation. We ‘speak our customers language’ technically and have developed a customer-centric approach to provide off-the-shelf and custom-products with the right support to grow their businesses.

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  • Batteries
  • Power Supplies
  • DC UPS
  • Cables
  • Detectors
  • Accessories
  • etc.



In a world of cut-and-paste designs, we prefer to innovate and develop products that are different and most suited to our country’s operating conditions.

Born from more than 35 years’ experience in security and electronics manufacturing and distribution environments, we are uniquely qualified to overcome the challenges that have hampered the industry for so long. Whether it be extended battery life, battery back-up, solar charging, remote access or controlling devices from remote locations or smart devices, we have solutions to meet your requirements.



Founder, Greg Pritchard, is a specialist aviation computer technologist by trade and has an in-depth knowledge of security and electronic products which he has built-up over 35 years in the industry.

This includes design and manufacture, industrialisation, importation and distribution of devices predominantly for the supply channel and installer markets.

With technical skills locally and abroad, GSS Group is also able to manufacture and produce high quality, safety-rated products that meet the strictest local and international compliance and safety standards.

In addition to its wide range of off-the-shelf solutions, GSS Group also has partnerships with global suppliers to bring innovative new products into the country or develop new product ranges with local-condition customisation and even own-branding of goods.

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All GSS Products are supported and fully backed by product specific industry leading product guarantees.

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